About Galloway Cattle


The Ancient Breed 

for the Modern World

Close-Up Shot of a Galloway Cow

About Galloway Cattle


An Ancient breed of Cattle

Noted in chronicles of Roman Scotland, Galloway cattle have been with us for millennia. This durability, combined with feed efficiency and natural marbling, make Galloway cattle an ideal choice for both pure bred and crossbred beef herds. 

For the cattle Breeder, the wonderful double hair coat is a great asset. With a long haired outer layer these cattle are able to withstand all sorts of inclement weather. The long outer coat sheds moisture in wet weather while protecting against the sun in nice weather. The thick woolly under coat is an insulator to protect against severe cold. 

The Breed

There are distinct breeds of Galloway cattle 


Animals which are a solid colour, black or dun.

Belted Galloways 

Animals which have a distinctive white band around the waist

White Galloways 

Animals which are mostly white with coloured tips.

Riggit Galloways 

An archaic strain of Galloway cattle identifiable by the white stripe running down their spine.


Nutritional Benefits

Galloway Beef is consistent with World Health Policy in the consumption of healthy food.

Environmentally Friendly

Galloway Beef thrives using environmentally friendly grazing practices, organic fertilizers and animal Welfare


Galloway beef delivers a winning combination that is not only profitable but sustainable. Galloway Beef cattle are ideally suited to outdoor living, both summer and winter. Follow thes link to see why.


Breeders, producers, processors and butchers of Galloway beef have a readily marketable beef product for the consumer.